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About Us: In our shelter, felines of all ages - most of which need homes - enjoy cozy nooks and soft beds, lots of toys, warm sunlight, good meals and special attention. In total, we have 6 rooms of adoptable felines, a large cat-safe outdoor yard for adult cats who wish to spend time outdoors, a small outdoor pen for the cats in the Shy Room, and a stimulating, fun indoor environment with a protected outdoor pen for our cats that have tested positive for FIV and FeLV.






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The mission of Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue in Denver, Colorado, as a cat rescue and shelter
, is to: Shelter and care for abandoned, abused and unwanted cats and kittens until permanent homes can be found, encourage responsible pet ownership, and educate the public through community outreach.



Kittens Are Coming!

We have nearly 100 kittens in foster who will become available for adoption over the next few months! If you are looking for a kitten please give us a call to see when some will be available. We are also in need of foster families for kittens who are not large enough to be in the shelter yet. Please contact us today!