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Adopt FIV+ and FeLV+ Cats

RMFR has FIV and FeLV positive kitties that have a lot of love to give, but just need... a little extra attention.

Many cats with FIV and FeLV live essentially normal lives. RMFR has FIV+ and FeLV+ kitties that have the virus and are just as loving and sweet as the non-positive cats, but might require a bit of extra care on occasion.

We have a special room at the shelter, John's Room, for FIV + (purple collar) cats and FeLV+ (blue collar) cats. Please stop in and visit these wonderful cats!

Watch a video of these wonderful cats in action!

A Report from a Home with Special Needs Cats.

Special needs cats make wonderful pets and they live good quality lives. I adopted my first FIV + cat many years ago. Max lived happily to the age of 19. FIV is spread between cats via penetrating bite wounds. Since my cats do not fight like that, my present FIV + boy lives along with my negative cats. Please see the informative article from Best Friends Animal Society : "FIV: Catching a Bad Case of Rumors" for more information. This virus cannot be communicated to dogs, people nor any other non-feline species. Dale, my sweet FIV + kitty is gracefully growing into his senior years.

More recently I trapped a stunning Maine Coon tame Felv + stray cat. Since Felv is spread between cats via bodily fluids, I opened my spare bedroom for Happy. She has to live separately from my Felv negative cats, but I spend lots of playtime with her. She has her own supplies and I always wash my hands after visiting her to keep my other cats from being exposed to Felv. At the shelter our FIV and Felv cats live together, but the FIV ones are vaccinated against Felv. Our special needs cats get a good healthy diet with some Lysine supplement. The Felv virus is also only transmissible between cats. It cannot be communicated to dogs, people, nor any other non-feline species. If you want to be rewarded with unconditional love and gratitude, consider adopting one of our special needs cats. They are some of the best cats at the shelter.