relinquish a cat to Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue


2390 S. Delaware Street 
Denver, CO 80223
Phone: (303)-744-6076


Relinquish a Cat to RMFR

If you need to relinquish a cat please call us at 303-744-6076. We try to take in cats weekly but we can only take in cats as space opens up. We will ask you some questions about the cat to make sure it is a good fit for our shelter. If accepted we will set up an appointment with you to bring in the cat. There is no required fee but we do ask you consider leaving a donation for the care of your cat. 

Resources to help you keep your cat:

  1. Pet Friendly Apartments
  2. Litter box issues – Please always seek the advice of a veterinarian to rule out medical issues. You may also read this article by the ASPCA for additional tips. 
  3. Destructive scratching tips. RMFR is strongly against the practice of declawing.
  4. Petting induced aggression tips.

If you need any other cat behavioral tips the staff at RMFR would love to help you! Please call us at 303-744-6076.

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