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Sponsor A Cat

For less than a dollar a day, you can help the cats at Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue.

Can't adopt? Want to do more? Become a cat sponsor, and help give health care and comfort to a rescued feline. We'll put its photo on our Wall of Honor in the shelter ... display your name on the Roll Call of Sponsors ... send you a certificate with your cat's photo on it ... plus provide updates about your sponsored cat! (NOTE: Some cats not available for sponsorship)

How to Sponsor:

Select a cat on the RMFR website, or visit the shelter and choose one in person. Or we can assign one for you. Once you have chosen, there are two ways to sign up:

If you tell us that your sponsorship is a gift, we will contact you for your giftee's name, contact info etc.

Sponsor a Cat Through PayPal

Cat Name(s) to Sponsor
Phone # / Is this a Gift?


Want to look at different cats to sponsor? You may sponsor any cat that has the words Sponsor This Pet under the photo on its webpage.  See all out cats here ยป

When You Sponsor a Shelter Cat, You Give Rescued Animals the Gift of Life.

sponsor a cat in Denver

The Sponsor-A-Cat Program at Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue is a thoughtful, convenient way you can help us care for our rescued cats. Becoming a cat sponsor is simple, but it means so much to the shelter and to your sponsored cat. When you sponsor a cat, its photo will be included on our Wall of Honor, and your name will appear on a framed list of valued sponsors mounted by the front door. You will also receive a sponsorship certificate signed by our shelter manager, and you may choose to receive periodic email updates about your sponsored cat.


Check Out these Special Ways to Sponsor a Cat!

  • Need a special gift for a friend or loved one? Why not honor them by sponsoring an RMFR cat in their name? We'll gift-wrap the cat's certificate and send it to the person you designate.
  • Or sponsor a cat with your young child or grandchild...it's a loving way to introduce children to respect for animals. We'll put your name and your young one's name on the sponsor certificate and on the list of sponsors on our wall.
  • Does your company donate to charities? How about asking them to sponsor a cat...or three?
  • Or sponsor a cat with your church group, scout troop, your child's school class, your club or business organization? Email us at catsponsors@gmail.com for sponsor materials and other information.

Sponsor a Cat as a Gift or Memorial

Sponsor a cat in Denver

Just email us at catsponsors@gmail.com with the giftee name, mailing address and phone number. Be sure to include your own name, so we can match the payment with your gift.

If you have questions regarding the Sponsor-A-Cat Program, email us at: catsponsors@gmail.com or call the shelter at 303-744-6076.  

Donations are tax-deductible, as RMFR is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Sponsored cats must be at least one year old, and have lived at the shelter for at least a year. Purebred cats are not eligible for sponsorship. But any cat with a serious, chronic medical condition (such as FIV or diabetes) may be sponsored, regardless of age or other circumstances.

Your sponsor payments are used to benefit all the cats at the shelter.

If you are unable to become a sponsor at this time, consider making a difference by volunteering or fostering one of our furr-kids. It can be one of the most fulfilling and rewarding experiences you will ever have.